About Us

GUBotDev is a group focused on technology. Founded in 2014 at Gannon University, we specialize in airborne automatons such as multi-rotor and fixed-wing aircraft, 3D printing and other rapid prototyping technologies.

One of our biggest strengths is our cross-disciplined composition. GUBotDev boasts members of multiple engineering backgrounds, including electrical, mechanical, biomedical, industrial, and software engineering. If you are interested in designing automated machines, piloting aerial vehicles, creating artificial intelligence, using 3D printers, or programming robots and drones, you will find a home at GUBotDev.

Our mission is to serve those who seek technology and find it out of reach. We flatten learning curves and help technologists navigate the enormous repository of resources the modern open-source community provides. We are dedicated to the open-source community.

We promote student research and provide education and service to our community at home and abroad. We believe our best future is not one where the masses rely on the few to provide their technology, but one that is driven forward by the constant innovation. Together, we work to educate and empower students interested in pursuing robotics.